6 thoughts on “Let the Holy Spirit Be Your Guide”

  1. You appear to be younger than me, so I’ll call you my little sister. How’s your wonderful day so far? Mine’s going great. I have a lot of things to do today before I go to the mountains for a quilting retreat.

    My husband has decided he wants to go with me this year! Isn’t that wonderful? I don’t get good cell reception in the mountains so I won’t be able to check in unless we go down the mountain. But until next Monday, I pray you have an awesome Holy Week. Pray for my husband and I begin communicating better. His last day is work before he retires is 3-30-18. I’m fearful that this time will be a real challenge on our relationship.

    We’ll be celebrating our 31 years of marriage this October! Isn’t that awesome! We’re hoping to do a lot of exploring of the United States and definitely want to go see the whales in the northwest.

    If you can think of some places that God has created that is simply beyond belief, let me know. Ok?

    Until next week – you can text or blog me anytime. I’ll check my messages daily!


      1. You’re so very kind Debby. Thank you. We are very well. I pray you are well also and have an anointed week! If there’s anything I can pray 🙏🏻for you (specific or general) please let me know. You are a treasure. ❣️


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