Lake Junaluska


Now, on to a brighter subject – Last week, my husband and I went to Lake Junaluska, NC to attend a quilters’ weekend.  He went to the Cherokee Reservation everyday while I stayed at the Terrace Inn.

I usually make a quilt while I’m there (almost a week) or knit a sweater or pair of socks; however, this time, I decided to try my hand at selling Sterling Silver jewelry.  I learned so much.  I wrote as much as I could down on paper, told all the ladies making quilts that I was using them as “subjects”, asked them to give me feedback on how I could make things easier, better, etc.  I received a lot of wonderful feedback.

I didn’t make much money, but then I had everything marked down for my friends, the quilters.  I gained a lot of knowledge and insight in to what I will do when I begin my website.  Husbands, watch your wallets and credit cards because your home is the next “hotel” that I’ll “invade”!!!!!  ;o}


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