The Equine Nanny

Once again, Anne, I am most impressed with the way you treat your horses as family. I wish this was something I’d thought about doing. Since I’m unable to ride, I couldn’t think of a better way to remain active with my friends (horses) and to meet new one’s!



She may be called the Equine Nanny but Kathie Lacroix is not just a pleasant woman, who wafts in to read bedtime stories to little foals, and sing them songs about a spoonful of sugar helping medicine go  down!  She offers a service at Dressage competitions that goes far beyond that.

Thirteen years ago Kathie took some of her riding students to a dressage show. She asked at the show office who would be doing the night watch and was told “nobody does that”. Kathie’s previous experience with her students showing had been in the hunter jumper world and there would be someone who would check on the horses during the night. So she decided she would start a business offering that service at dressage shows.  I know I have been immensely grateful at shows during the winter in Florida, at the  Adequan Global Dressage Festival and also White Fences…

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