May 3, 2018

I’m apparently doing something wrong.  My blogs did not post the way I wanted them to!  Too much confidence in myself!!!

I will go back and see what I’ve done wrong and post them.  I’ll have plenty of time on my hands since we’re going to the World’s Skeet Shoot in Savannah this weekend.  (My husband’s really into skeet shooting!)

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!


Mapping my weeks: my current favorite productivity hack.

I love your idea! I used to do this for myself and then depression set in and I found it hard to do anything! I’ve been trying to do this, again, for the past two years, and someone has had something or took upon themselves to add THEIR items to do ONTO MY list to disrupt my schedule. So what’s the point. I have got to do something because I’m trying to start a website and those daily duties can not be put off!

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I’ll just start by being honest: I went through a series of weeks at the beginning of this year where I wasn’t getting anything done. The slump didn’t last all that long but while I was inside of it, feeling like I was just treading water but not making an impact, it felt eternal. My time felt spread too thin. I felt chaotic whenever I would go over what needed to be done in my mind. I wasn’t making progress and I was getting sucked up by distractions.

I was wasting time on social media. I wasn’t writing. I was doing a series of menial tasks and making no real advancement towards projects that actually mattered to me. But in the last few weeks, everything changed.

I’m a sucker for productivity hacks. I live for them. However, I am learning that everyone operates differently. What works for me…

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The Equine Nanny

Once again, Anne, I am most impressed with the way you treat your horses as family. I wish this was something I’d thought about doing. Since I’m unable to ride, I couldn’t think of a better way to remain active with my friends (horses) and to meet new one’s!



She may be called the Equine Nanny but Kathie Lacroix is not just a pleasant woman, who wafts in to read bedtime stories to little foals, and sing them songs about a spoonful of sugar helping medicine go  down!  She offers a service at Dressage competitions that goes far beyond that.

Thirteen years ago Kathie took some of her riding students to a dressage show. She asked at the show office who would be doing the night watch and was told “nobody does that”. Kathie’s previous experience with her students showing had been in the hunter jumper world and there would be someone who would check on the horses during the night. So she decided she would start a business offering that service at dressage shows.  I know I have been immensely grateful at shows during the winter in Florida, at the  Adequan Global Dressage Festival and also White Fences…

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April 17, 2018

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

– Colossians 3:17 NIV

I have a morning routine. I wake myself up (God wakes me up, let’s give credit where credit is due!) at 7:30am EST, take my shower, get dressed, check my calendar for activities for the day, (as i do the night before), take my morning meds and vitamins, go downstairs, clean out my cats’ litter box, feed them, rinse off the dishes in the sink and put them in the dish washer. I don’t have to fill up my cats’ water dish because I have a small ceramic water fountain down on the floor next to where they watch God’s nature and creatures out the bay window on the backside of my house. When they get thirsty, they drink from the water fountain!  The fountain makes a whisper sound when it needs more water and I know it’s time to refill it water. I clean the filter and ceramic bowl on a two week basis. The water stays nice and cold, just the way they like it!

From there my hectic day gets started. I want very much to start a daily bible reading in my morning routines; however, my day gets away from me. I sit down at the computer and begin reading my blog responses and all my followers new blogs and comments. Before I know it, it’s 12:00 noon.

Now for my much needed and added routine is my daily bible reading routine. by this time – I’ve either totally forgotten to read my bible (my bad), or time has slipped away from me, and my quiet time with it.

TODAY, with the one and only exception of today, I’m going to do my Bible study while eating breakfast (today I’m writing my blog while eating my breakfast). My bad again!  HOWEVER, I did read my morning scripture!  That is why I’ve changed my NEW routine! only for today) I believe God wants me to write to you (my iPad has forgotten my “library of words”, capitalization of certain words, spelling, and many other things!) first and tell you how life gets away from me (us).

Anyway (now I’ve forgotten what I was going to say). Pardon me while I gather my thoughts and try to remember where I should be!

It is now 3 hours later and I’ve been all over my blog. See what I mean!? I want to incorporate my bible study right after my breakfast. My quiet time should still be “in-place” and with all the Bible’s that I have, I should be able to do all the research I need. The only Bible I don’t have is the Karan. (I believe I’ve spelled that correctly!)

Until next time, stay safe, comment on my blogs, send them to your friends, follow me, and more importantly, have faith, love, and live in God’s words and deeds. May the Lord be with you.


PS. I’m trying to create a logo for my website that I’m planning on going live before the year end. The name of my site is with an email of I will be selling sterling silver jewelry, quilts that I make or can make at the buyer’s request, and a page for horses (for sale and an Olympic rider to follow (whom I hope to meet in May, 2018)). I’m at a loss for logos. My company name will be in arial font. Cummins in cobalt blue and Concepts in fuchsia. I’d like for each of you to think of a good logo and tell me your thoughts OR BETTER YET, show me the logo that stands out for you. The main thing I’m selling is sterling silver jewelry. The quilts especially, if made to order, will take me 8-12 weeks to make and ship. Thank you in advance for your help and creativity!

Killing it with desperation — Ascerblog

You’ve thought this through, you’ve done your research and planned and planned so that this all turns out perfectly. Time to execute the plan. And surprisingly, it turns out to be nothing like you imagined and thought and read about. It’s all totally different. Here comes the time to make the decision, to either kill your…

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Lake Junaluska


Now, on to a brighter subject – Last week, my husband and I went to Lake Junaluska, NC to attend a quilters’ weekend.  He went to the Cherokee Reservation everyday while I stayed at the Terrace Inn.

I usually make a quilt while I’m there (almost a week) or knit a sweater or pair of socks; however, this time, I decided to try my hand at selling Sterling Silver jewelry.  I learned so much.  I wrote as much as I could down on paper, told all the ladies making quilts that I was using them as “subjects”, asked them to give me feedback on how I could make things easier, better, etc.  I received a lot of wonderful feedback.

I didn’t make much money, but then I had everything marked down for my friends, the quilters.  I gained a lot of knowledge and insight in to what I will do when I begin my website.  Husbands, watch your wallets and credit cards because your home is the next “hotel” that I’ll “invade”!!!!!  ;o}


March 18, 2018

We tend to search for fulfillment in things outside ourselves – things to get, things to check off our list, things to change/improve.  All in pursuit of contentment, “happiness”, and prosperity.  Yet one would think they already have what they need to discover these things.

This blog was created to help you see the good already present in life.  I hope you will explore new ways to see everyday gifts; pray that God will help you see “the little things”, connect with those around you, look forward to simple pleasures, and take comfort in what you aleady have.  As you start to notice these things, your life will change into something richer, stonger, and more rewarding.  And the more you practice, the easier it will get – and the healthier and happier you’ll become.

So, how do you get there? How do you find gratitude?  It’s already within you, and it’s been there all along.  It’s just been waiting for you to notice it!

Girl on deck alone sitting beside still waters

March 11, 2018

I woke up to another cloudy day here on the east coast with a splitting headache. I suffer from migraines and I had to stop taking the medication that kept them away because the medication became toxic to my body.

I’ll never forget my first migraine. I was in high school in physics class and all of a sudden I could not see the right side of the room. I didn’t know what was happening, but I tried to carry on the rest of the day. On my way to English, I had to look back and forth across the sidewalk so I could see where I was going. I struggled through the class and on the way out of the classroom, I fainted. When I awoke, I was in my Algebra teacher’s office. I was so sick to my stomach and started throwing up. My teacher told me what was happening and that I would be fine.

From then on I’ve suffered from migraines. Never knowing when they would come on but very thankful to God on the day’s that I didn’t have a headache. When I start my day’s off this way, I am reminded of Rev 21:3,4.

3. I heard a loud shout from the throne, saying, “Look, God’s home is now among His people!  He will live with them, and they will be His people. God Himself will be with them.  4. He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever. “

And all I can do is close my eyes and say a prayer of thanks.

God’s peace be with you all.

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